DF= dairy free  GF= gluten free   V= vegan   v= vegetarian  

a bowl of pho. (GF, DF)
aegean kakavia. (GF, DF)
many mushroom soup. (GF, V)
asian white fish & noodle soup. (GF, DF)
broccoli & cheese soup. (GF, v)
broccoli salad. (GF, v)
new england corn chowder. (GF, v)
roasted carrot & ginger soup. (GF, V)
sweet potato & miso soup. (GF, V)
white fish & scallop chowder. (GF)
bean & lentil chili. (GF, DF option, v)
summer tomato soup with peas & rigatoni. (GF option, v)
a vegetable noodle bowl. (GF, V)
bouillon de poulet avec quenelles de volailles. (GF option)
chicken & coconut soup. (GF, DF)
miso soup with rice noodles & spinach. (GF, V)

apple, cabbage, & tuscan kale slaw. with creamy lemon dressing. (GF, v)
an autumn salad. (GF, V)
beet & quinoa salad. (GF, V)
brussel sprout, pear, & goat cheese salad. (GF, v)
chicken salad with apples & almonds. (GF, DF)
coleslaw. (GF, v)
edamame salad. (GF, V)
epic roast chicken salad. (DF)
beet & avocado salad. (GF, V)
garbanzo bean & raisin salad. (GF, V)
mediterranean quinoa salad. (GF, V)
mixed greens & yogurt-tahini dressing. (GF, v, V-option)
peter rabbit's dream salad. (GF, V)
olive & tomato provincial salad. (GF, v)
white bean, asparagus, & tomato salad. (GF, V)
french lentil herb salad. (GF, V)
grilled trout & a summer salad. (GF, DF)
salad nicoise. (GF,DF)
turkey club salad with Old Bay dressing. (GF, DF)
vietnamese salad. (GF, V)
wedge with blue cheese dressing. (GF, DF, v)
avocado & roasted sweet potato salad. (GF, v)
a winter salad with orange-date dressing. (GF, V)
a winter side salad. (GF, V)
baby arugula with creamy pesto dressing. (GF, v)
baby kale salad with poached chicken & a carrot ginger dressing (GF, DF)
baby kale & tomato salad. (DF, V)
chickpea salad with balsamic lime dressing. (GF, V)
chicory salad. (GF, V)
orange-almond salad with shallot vinaigrette. (GF, V)
spinach & roasted beet salad. (GF, V)
sweet sesame broccoli salad. (GF, V)
tarragon, walnut, and cranberry chicken salad. (GF, DF)

a lunch board. (GF, DF)
a poached egg on sauteed spinach with bacon & red onions. (GF, DF)
a winter vegetable stew. (GF, V)
baked macaroni & cheese with broccoli. (GF, v)
barefoot contessa's fish & chips. (GF option)
brown rice risotto style with zucchini & kale pesto. (GF, V)
cashew & sesame rice balls. (GF, V)
cast iron one pot meal. (GF, DF)
courgette gratin. (GF, v)
grilled cheese. (v)
lamb & butternut squash stew with moroccan spices. (GF, DF)
lemon tarragon chicken. (GF option)
maple mustard salmon. (GF, DF)
ratatouille. (GF,V)
roasted butternut squash & kale pasta bake. (v)
roasted butternut squash & spinach macaroni & cheese. (GF, v)
roasted squash & chili wantons. (V)
spaghetti squash with olives & pecorino. (GF, v)
spaghetti squash with quick cherry tomato sauce. (GF, v)
spinach, turkey & goat cheese pie.
spring rolls for fall. (GF, DF)
thanksgiving leftovers pot pie.
turkey club on sourdough.
aparagus risotto. (GF, v)
beet & brown rice patty over spinach with avocado cream. (GF, V)
chicken sausage tacos. (GF, DF)
egg salad bites. (GF, DF, v)
grilled sesame, soy, & maple salmon. (GF, DF)
grilled chicken paillards with ginger-orange chili sauce. (GF, DF)
haddock papillote with fennel & potatoes. (GF, DF)
raw sesame ginger zucchini noodles. (GF, V)
sogliola in tres modi. (GF, DF)
wild salmon with spicy avocado dip & flatbreads. (DF)
black quinoa with avocado and summer squash. (GF, V)
campfire cooking (grilled lobster, turkey burgers, and zucchini wedges)
grilled pork shoulder with rosemary, garlic, & fennel seeds. (GF, DF)
grilled chicken legs with peach BBQ sauce. (GF, DF)
grilled & stuffed zucchini. (GF, v)
maine mussels with garlic in white wine & lemon broth. (GF)
pesto & grilled zucchini bites. (GF, v)
spanish tapas. (GF option, v option)
summer tacos. (GF, V option)
thai inspired basil chicken with mushrooms. {GF, DF}
thai turkey burgers. (GF, DF)
tuna stuffed tomato melt. (GF, DF)
turkey & rice stuffed golabkis. (GF)
zucchini pasta with creamy heirloom tomato & tarragon sauce. (GF, v)
creamy chicken & broccoli casserole. (GF)
empire chicken.
ginger fried jasmine rice. (GF, DF, v)
ginger-lemon roasted chicken. (GF, DF)
ginger turkey burger. (GF option, DF)
homemade chicken nuggets. (GF, DF)
lemon & arugula spaghetti. (GF, v)
moroccan style white fish. (GF)
quick chicken curry. (GF, DF)
spanish style chicken (GF, DF)
spiced roasted chicken tacos. (GF, DF)
spinach & chevre puff pastry rolls. (v option)
the most glorious balsamic roasted chicken. (GF, DF)
tuna & ginger burger. (GF option, DF)
turkey meatballs with spaghetti. (GF option)
veggie collard wraps. (GF, V)
vietnamese bun cha. (GF, DF)

lemon marinated mushrooms with spinach. (GF, V)
roasted cauliflower with brown rice. (GF, V)
shallot garlic cream cheese. (GF, v)
black beans & brown rice. (GF, v option)
french fries. (GF, V)
garlic & curry roasted potatoes. (GF, V)

almond cashew cookies with creme fraiche frosting. (GF, v)
almond date truffles. (GF, V)
apple-blueberry crumble. (v)
apple cake in a cast iron pan. (v)
apple raspberry crisp. (v)
banana & chocolate ice cream. (GF, V)
banana walnut chocolate chip cookies. (v)
banana walnut & chocolate chunk icecream. (GF, v)
chocolate chip pumpkin cookies. (v)
chocolate cupcakes with nutella buttercream frosting. (v)
choco- pots with creme fraiche. (v)
iced ginger cookies. (v)
pumpkin & almond bouchons. (GF, v)
pumpkin bread with chocolate chips & pumpkin seeds. (v)
pumpkin pie. (GF, v)
prune cake. (v)
chocolate & coconut bites. (GF, V)
chocolate chunk cookies. (v)
chocolate & olive oil cake. (v)
coconut & almond madeleine cookies. (GF, v)
coconut almond macaroons. (GF, V)
flour-less banana chocolate puddings cakes. (GF, DF, v)
flour-less peanut butter & semi-sweet chocolate cookies. (GF, v)
frozen berry & coconut treat. (GF,V, SCD)
grainfree banana cake with almonds & chocolate chunks. (GF, v)
lemon, almond, & thyme madeleine cookies. (v)
no bake cookies. (GF,V option)
oatmeal chocolate chunk coconut cookies. (v)
peanut butter bites. (GF, V)
banana & strawberry sorbet. (GF, v)
june fruit with greek yogurt & almonds. (GF,v)
lemony olive oil & almond bread. (v)
maine wild blueberry pie. (GF option, v)
peach & wild blueberry crumble. (v)
strawberry & brown sugar cookies. (v)
strawberry & cherry crisp. (DF, v)
almond oatmeal cookies with chocolate chunks & raisins. (GF, v)
chocolate-almond brownies. (GF, V-option)
chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese & peanut butter frosting. (v)
instant chocolate mousse. (GF, v)
lalo's famous cookies. (V)
lovely lemon puddings. (GF option, v)
lemon cremes with oat-thyme crumble. (GF, V)
nikki's healthy cookies. (GF,V)
russian apple sharlotka. (DF, v)
semi-sweet chocolate peanut butter cups with celtic sea salt. (GF, v)

raw caramel dip. (GF, V)
smoked paprika hummus. (GF, V)
warm spinach & white bean dip with roasted garlic. (GF, V)
smoked salmon spread. (GF)
black bean hummus. (GF, V)
cool layered bean dip. (GF, v)
creamy avocado dip. (GF, V)
creamy ginger avocado dip. (GF, V)
creamy white bean dip with cucumber salsa. (GF, V)
mango-avocado gaucamole. (GF, V)
poblano cilantro salsa. (GF, V)
roasted garlic & cherry tomato salsa. (GF, V)
a pimped-out rice cake. (GF, V)
garlic & herb avocado cream. (GF, V)
holiday cheese ball. (GF,v)
sesame & sriracha white bean dip.(GF, V)
shallot and herb neufchatel. (GF, v)
warm & creamy spinach, artichoke, & white bean dip. (GF, V)

a breakfast sandwich. (v)
apple cider doughnuts. (v)
apple oatmeal muffins. (v)
apple cinnamon coffee cake with walnut crumb topping. (GF, v)
banana, walnut, and currant muffins. (V)
banana almond green smoothie. (GF, V)
carrot & date muffins. (GF, DF)
carrot & raisin spiced almond porridge. (GF, V)
cinnamon & sour cream pancakes with applesauce. (v)
everyday granola. (GF, V)
everything bagels. (GF, DF)
granola bars. (GF,V)
honey & lavender almond meal muffins. (GF, v)
holiday spiced granola. (GF, v)
kale & almond shake. (GF, V)
pumpkin granola. (GF, V)
maple-mustard bacon. (GF, DF)
slow cooked eggs with butter and dill. (GF, v)
spiced banana almond meal pancakes with broiled apples. (GF,v)
summer berry sour cream coffee cake. (v)
apple spiced pancakes. (GF, V)
banana spiced pancakes. (GF, V)
goat cheese & arugula frittata. (GF, v)
feta, spinach, & honey phyllo pastries. (v)
veggie & turkey bacon quiche.
my spanish tortilla. (GF, v)
power breakfast. quinoa, sauteed garlicky kale, & avocado. (GF, V)
soft boiled eggs with asparagus soldiers. (GF, DF)
sunday brunch. (v)
beet greens & a fried egg. (GF, v, SCD)
griddle cakes with greek yogurt & berries. (GF, v)
happiness is a warm pancake. (v)

apple sauce. (GF, V)
cranberry sauce. (GF, V)
pizza dough. (DF, v)
pizza sauce. (GF, V)
roasted garlic. (GF, V)
toasty nuts. (GF, v)
hoisin sauce. (GF, V)
my first poached egg. (GF, DF, v)
sea salt & cracked pepper almond crackers. (GF, V)
august harvest jam. (GF, V)
grain-free sandwich bread. (GF, v)
rosemary & chili honey roasted almonds. (GF, v)
guacamole. (GF, V)

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