10 December 2012

a lunch board

Lately I have really been into snacking & kind of eating meals "family-style", if you will. It is kind of fun putting your food together as a group, you take your time eating, & talking...it is really nice. Yesterday I roasted a chicken, sliced it up some pieces on a board, served it with a bowl of the winter side salad to share along with some dill pickles. Same idea, & it is really fun with a glass of wine.

Since finals are only a week away, & all is madness, it is nice to eat healthy & take a little down time to share meals with the people in my life. 

Here I just made tarragon chicken salad with cranberries, washed some lettuce leaves to wrap it up in, & put out some bread & butter pickles. 

happy eatings & cheers!
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