13 January 2013

veggie collard green wraps.

These are really easy & hearty. I got the idea for this recipe from the Sprouted Kitchen Cookbook. Sure, it looks a bit like hippie food, but think of it as a really healthy, gluten-free, vegan burrito. Hey, even beans would be great in these collard wraps! The collard greens are not very bitter, but subtle in flavor & sturdy enough to hold the filling. This is perfect for a quick & filling lunch.

veggie collard green wraps.
makes 4 rolls 
Adapted from the Sprouted Kitchen Cookbook

Carrot-Ginger Dressing
1 cup of a cooked grain like jasmine rice or quinoa
avocado slices
cucumber slices
8 collard green leaves (2 per roll)
sea salt & cracked pepper

*you could add beans, grated beets, pear slices, pepper slices (really whatever flavor combinations work for you...be creative!

  1. To assemble the wraps, cut the stems off the end of the greens & using 2 leaves at a time, overlap them halfway to create a bigger wrapping surface. 
  2. Place an even amount of carrot spread in each wrap. Top with grain, cucumbers, avocado and sprouts. Season. Fold the collard sides over and roll tightly like a burrito. 
  3. You can serve it immediately or store in the fridge, wrapped, for about 2 days. 
happy eatings & cheers!

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