20 September 2012

a bowl of pho. for health & happiness.

Studying is in full gear these days so it is back to simple preparations & healthy choices in the kitchen. As everyone around me is already coming down with colds & such, I have been trying to prevent my own hostile-take-over with lots of green tea, as much sleep as I can get & a good-old bowl of pho. I feel like all the flavors here are making body really happy. 

Here I used left-over chicken & broth from a Khao Man Gai I made on Sunday (a perfect day to do that, then gorgeous leftovers all week). I cooked some thin rice noodles, piled the chicken, cilantro, sliced chilies, sliced red onion & pickled ginger on top then drizzled in a little shoyu (or soy sauce) into the broth. Cozy & damn flavorful--Oh, & dead simple. Another vegan or convenience option is to use your favorite  store-bought vegetable stock, (i.e. Pacific Natural Foods has a new organic vegetable pho soup base) & some lightly steamed veggies. 

Here's to health--
happy eatings & cheers!
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