26 July 2011

campfire cooking.

26 July 2011

In Maine, people go to camp. They don't necessarily go camping, like in a tent, but own a small camp, usually within a half hour from home. They pack up for the long weekend, or even for the summer, & go to camp. Growing up in Massachusetts, this was a foreign concept. But since my Maine-raised, better-half has a family camp himself, I now have the privilege of going too!

One of my favorite parts of going to camp is planning the weekend menu--obviously. The key is to keep it simple because amenities are not always available. It makes for creative & delicious food. Like last week (yes we went last week too) we fed 8 people over the course of 3 hours, cooking over an open fire. It was a blast! We ended with our greatest invention (okay I admit we had a few drinks!)-- the smoreo! Don't worry,the "recipe" is included below.

Anyway, the idea of camp is a getaway--a place to distance ourselves from the constant immersion of technology (no cell phone service!) & to become closer with family & friends; all within a half hour from home. That seems like a good tradition to me.

Day One. Maine lobster. Maine corn. Spanish extra virgin olive oil. Open fire.

Essentially, all you need is a brave, strong man or woman to cut the lobsters in half lengthwise. Then drizzle with olive oil, sea salt & cracked pepper. Cook over smoldering coals about 4-6 minutes (shell is red/meat is white); give a squeeze of lemon,keeping the olive oil close by & tuck in. 

You will never turn back to the same-old boiled lobster smothered in melted butter!

Day Two. 

Persevering through the mad heat of the weekend we did some yard work & filled the flower boxes with herbs. They look pretty, smell good & are completely useful. That sounds campish right?

Then taking a break from the afternoon heat, we decided to do a little reading (nerd alert! Lord of the Rings & Harry Potter!) The dogs also took it easy.

For dinner, we started the fire & whipped up some garlicy turkey burgers with roasted red peppers. On the side, zucchini & summer squash from the local farmer's market slathered in homemade pesto (my basil is growing like mad!).

And for the grand finale, we made a smoreo. But to be completely correct, we had a Newmano. This is very simple, cook a marshmallow over the fire...& put it in between an Oreo--with the creme still in it!

Day 3. A beautiful day, the humidity lifted, the sun was glorious & the breeze off the lake brilliant. So we decided to go up to the Overlook & pick some wild Maine blueberries.

We had an amazing weekend, ate way too much good food, enjoyed the mountain air & the refreshing lake. Hope you enjoy your summer traditions too!

happy eatings & cheers!

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