10 November 2012

egon schiele. landscapes.

Four Trees (1917)
House with Laundry Drying (1917)

Sunflowers (1917)

City on the Blue River (1911)

Field of Flowers (1910)

House with Shingle Roof (1915)
Daisies, Poppies Turing in the Wind (1918)
I decided to share another Egon Schiele post, since my last post, Egon Schiele. Women, has been so popular. I am glad to see that so many people enjoy or are enthralled by the Austrian,  Modern painter's work. The paintings featured here are some of his landscapes. His women and nudes are always very popular, but his landscapes and cityscapes are really quite amazing too. Whether it is shingles, trees, flowers or water, everything has movement and vibrancy of color. The landscapes are beautiful, but convey a sense of uneasiness, but a sense of presence. Schiele is showing the fleeting moments of his world (but this could be anybody's world) dotted in time. 

happy eatings & cheers!

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