05 August 2012

egon schiele. women.

Woman Undressing 1914

Lying Woman with Yellow Dress 1914

Standing girl in Blue Dress & Green Stockings  1913

Portrat von Friederike Maria Beer 1914 

Woman with Yellow Scarf

Standing Nude with Blue Robe 1913

Blonde Girl with Green Stockings 1914

Portrat von Gertie Schiele

Seated Young Lady 1917

The early Modern Austrian painter Egon Schiele's portraiture work is stunning, haunting &   erotic. His jaggedly bold lines not only create the shape of his subjects, but expressively emanates their being. Whether his subjects are nude, or draped in thin yet bold fabrics, Schiele creates a subject that seduces the viewer. Personally, I am drawn to all his work, landscapes & portraits, but his women really resonate with me. As a female his work intrigues me. The male gaze is blatantly evident, yet these paintings remain mysterious, graceful & intriguing. During the Modernist period, Schiele was breaking the boundaries of what gallery acceptability was & apart of the ever changing traditional standards of painting itself. 

All images found on Egon Schiele tumblr.

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