30 January 2013

home menu.

Forever ago, I watched Robert Rodriguez talk about how important it is for a serious cook to have a "home menu" on his 10 Minute Cooking School. You know, meals you cook well, and if you have friends pop in, you could cook it up no-sweat. Also, food that you usually have on hand, or have easy access to. This coming from a nostalgic-horror film director. Finally, I have heeded his advice.This is something I have been meaning to put together for a long time, because first of all, it is a good idea. Secondly, it is just fun for someone like me.

Maybe you will be inspired to make up a "home menu" for yourself, maybe even post it on your refrigerator for friends to chose from when they come over, or share some of your favorite recipes here. These are some of my favorite meals, meals that I have made many times, and will make many times again. Enjoy.

1. LEMON TARRAGON CHICKEN This is a recipe from At Home with Magnolia. It is so tasty & perfect next to seasonal roasted vegetables or mashed cauliflower.

2. MAPLE MUSTARD SALMON. This salmon is buttery & sweet. I have been making it since I first moved out on my own about ten years ago, & I get requests for this a lot (my mum loves this)...It is so simple, but tastes really fancy. I love that.

3. GRILLED ZUCCHINI PARMESAN These little bites of heaven are a fun & surprising dinner party favorite. They really are simple enough, it is just some layering. It is also a great way to use up the abundance of zucchini & tomatoes in the summer.

4. BEST POTATOES WITH SEASONAL SALAD. This is my comfort food. Anyone would be happy to eat perfectly roasted potatoes, right?

5. SWEET POTATO BURRITO SALADI love this, but this is really for the guys in my life who adore this meal. I have made it so many times, & get loads of requests for this dinner. I can't complain because it is delish, & so easy. 

6. KHAO MAN GAIThis has been my go-to dinner party recipe since the summer. People go crazy, & you can't believe how simple it is. It is the sauce everyone goes crazy for. I also make this sauce with sweet red bell peppers for the non-spice lovers in my life. So putting out a spicy sauce & a sweet sauce, letting everyone dish up themselves--it is a hit. 

happy eatings & cheers!
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