18 May 2011

denver, colorado.

May 2011

A few weeks ago we went to Denver to visit my brother Peter & our friends Jordan & Rick. I will say, Denver is a youthful, hoppin' city. People are friendly, the weather is great & there never seems to be a lack of things to do.

I gained at least six pounds from our daily gastronomic excursions. City, O' City is this great vegetarian cafe/pub (& did not even realize it was vegetarian until the second visit). We went to the Cherry Cricket for burgers & beers. They have a long & interesting list of toppings so you can basically make your own burger (or turkey burger in my case). They also beers from my new favorite brewing company on tap, The Great Divide (Oh, Samuri beer how I miss you all the way in New England!).

We went to an Avalanche hockey game...they won in a sudden-death! But before that we met up with some friends at this really cool pub/restaurant in downtown, Rock Bottom. The table we sat at had four taps at the center of the table so we could help ourselves while the computer screen on table kept track of how much we drank! Dangerous!

On Sunday (or as the boys call it "shabbos or shabbot") we had a Polish-themed night. We went to this great little Polish bar, Kinga's, & snacked on amazing deep-fried pierogis washed down by crisp Polish brews. Later, back at the homestead we made a big-old batch of golabkis (see earlier blog for recipe). It is not easy cooking in a guy's apartment, but I will also admit that they really had a lot of kitchen-ware for young men.

The Denver Art Museum is really well rounded & their is plenty to see & do for adults & children alike. Jediah & I wandered all afternoon & we still did not see everything.

I may have been the lone girl on the adventure but it was really a great time!

happy eatings & cheers!

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