03 January 2013

new year.

Happy New Year all. First of all, thank you to all the we eat happiers that follow the blog, it has been an amazing year with you. It is a joy to share my interest in the happiness of food & health in everyday life, & have people from all over enjoy it too. I look forward to a new year of food discovery & experiments to enjoy, share, & inspire. 

I am not one to make New Year resolutions or anything, but since Jediah & I really did have the 12 days of Christmas, with traveling & holiday fun, it is truly time for a little detox. During the fall, we did the 21 Day Elimination Detox & totally loved it. We ended up using it as a bit of an eating guideline up until Thanksgiving. The holidays could have been worse-- food binge-wise-- but non-the-less, I still feel pretty gross & need a bit a cleanse. I don't usually do the shakes, but look for clean recipes & eat whole foods. 

So over the next few weeks I will share some recipes & ideas about feeling a little healthier after the holiday madness.  That is the great thing about the new year, it is kind of a mental clean slate to feeling & being the best part of yourself. 

I'll keep you posted.

happy eatings & cheers!

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