31 October 2012

happy halloween.

a haunted walk through the woods!
I can already see it: me eating way too many m&m's and watching It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. I always choose nostalgia over being scared. Like most people I love Halloween, it was the one night of the year, my mom got to stay home by herself to do whatever she wanted & give candy to the 2 kids who would go to our house each year. Meanwhile, my dad would take my brothers, cousins & I trick-or-treating all throughout our local neighborhoods making some serious candy-bank. 

When we got home my brother Luke would eat ALL his candy, then try to steal Pete's & my candy. I would sort out the goods: m&m's, reese's pb cups, snickers & almond joy's were the GOOD stuff & had to be eaten or hidden. 

Anyway, we have never gotten a trick-or-treater living in downtown Farmington (what the heck, right?), but remembering the good times & eating chocolate always helps. My dream is that someday we will live in a dope trick-or-treating neighborhood.

Happy Halloween, happy trick-or-treating & cheers!

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