02 August 2012

we finally made it. to nosh kitchen bar.

Yup. We finally got to Nosh Kitchen Bar in Portland, Maine. We have been hearing rave reviews, plus saw it featured on Man vs. Food. I love Nosh, because it is just really, really good dude-food. Jediah got their famous french fries dusted with bacon (yes, you are reading this correctly)--they smelled amazing & according to Jediah, the fries tasted as good as the smelled. I went for the salt & pepper fries with chipotle mayo--crunchy & delish.

Then we attempted to eat sandwiches on top of the fries & local beers. Jediah continued with the bacon theme, by getting the bacon-cheese burger. While I tried the Nosh gobbler...because who doesn't love a little taste of Thanksgiving in the middle of summer? Love, love, love. 

If you are in the Portland area for a few days, you have to give this one a try--whether your a bacon-lover or a vegetarian...

happy eatings & cheers!
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