18 August 2012

pottery. by paige pride.

Sand Dot Snow Teabowls
Summer Landscape Plates & Mugs
Olive Nesting Bowls. 
Atlantic Mugs
Blue Plate
Moss Leaf Tumblers
Snowflake Jar
Green Bowl.
Casserole Dish
Green Vases
Soup Crocks
Blue Tea Pot
Featured here is some work from our very talented friend Paige Pride. I love her rustic style with wabi sabi aesthetic. I am really hankering for the casserole dish & the sand dot snow tea bowls... She also mentioned that she recently made pet bowls for a customer--how fun!

The Portland based artist's work can be located & purchased through her website or from her Etsy profile. 

Paige & I at Gritty McDuff's in the Old Port. 
happy eatings & cheers!
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