29 April 2012

lucy engelman.




paper cut-out oven.

I recently came across Lucy Engelman's work & have become a little fascinated with her colorful paintings and illustrations. There is an obvious politics in her work, yet it is not off putting, because you feel like your flipping through the pages of a children's book or lost papers from America's pioneers out West. Her work really focuses on community, may be even a lost sense of it. There is a desire to reconnect with life (animal, plant & human) as well as a desire to reconnect with the idea of working with our hands. I don't know if I am just letting my influence of my art class, Contemporary Theory & Practice, shade my view, but I think this is some really interesting work.  
Really, check out her blog, you can get lost in it. And, for you foodies, Engelman has plenty of pieces that discuss food, too. All of these images are from her website.

happy eatings & cheers!
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