26 June 2011

hooray for strawberries.

26 June 2011

It is that time of year again, when the strawberries are out. In Farmington, Pike's Strawberry Farm has berries that are like little bursts of sunshine in your mouth. I can not even eat a strawberry out of season anymore! 

So anyway, I saw a person at work with a pint of overflowing red deliciousness in hand & I basically accosted her by shouting excitedly, "Are those Pike's!" You should have saw the look I got & the hesitant "yes." I think she thought I was going to rip them out of her hands & eat them there in front of her!

As soon as I got out of work, we went & bought 2 pints. 1 to gobble up & 1 to make a Strawberry pie for my brother Pete's birthday. Search out some local berries in your town--you will not be disappointed.

happy eatings & cheers!
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