21 June 2011

coconut records.

21 June 2011

Looking for some fun summer jams? Well, Coconut Records has got it goin' on. Super fun California-indie sounds fused with Beach Boys-esque grooves are perfect for summer days & get to-gethers. Jason Schwartzman leads the creative genius to perfection.

"West Coast" is from Coconut Records first album Nighttiming. Caution: it is crazy addictive. I could listen to it a million times in a row (I probably have in the privacy of my own car). The music video features classic street skater Mark Gonzales making the song even more dope!

Not only is Schwartzman super talented (you know--the acting & the music & all) he also is a happy eater. This informational video is from Plate to Planet: a farm sanctuary project (you can also go to the farm sanctuary website for additional information). It discusses the cruelty of factory farming, food safety, general health for animals, people & the environment. The point is, that our consumer choices make a difference.

Give it a watch, it is not long & is informational & easy to relate to.

happy listening & cheers!
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