02 July 2012

paul klee. cities & structures.

Neuer Stadtteil in M  1928

Chosen Site 1940

Miraculous Landing 1920

Florentine Villa 1926

Revolving House 1921

City of Lagoons 1921

Welcome to the Parnassus 1932 

Paul Klee is one of those really interesting Modern painters that catches my eye with his quirky, sometimes humorous subjects & saturated, vivid colors. The European artist can be categorized as a cubist, surrealist or even an expressionist. He taught at the Bauhaus in Germany--a school of art that not only pushed forward styles of art & craftsmanship, but of architectural design.

Here I chose some images of Klee's cities & structures that I think represent not only a place, but life & culture with a sense of musicality to the works (an essence of Kandinsky's work). 

happy eatings & cheers!

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