26 March 2012

japanese-style cold soba. & a film.

I am always looking for easy, healthy food for the go. The other night I went to a screening of the film Synecdoche, New York by Charlie Kaufman for my contemporary theory & practice class. But I needed some dinner to take with me or I would have been starving before I got home that night. This cold soba dish is perfect. 

The recipe I used is from Nigella Lawson's website; the dressing she provides is so delicious--I imagine it would be great for a dipping sauce as well. I used King Soba's sweet potato & buckwheat soba noodles & added a little cilantro, a handful of cubed tofu & sliced carrots to round out my meal. I packed the noodles in a mason jar & off I went!  

By the way, the film was brilliant. The script and cast were amazing in Kaufman's directorial debut. 

happy eating & cheers!

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