18 August 2010

It is too hot to cook but I still want to eat something good!

18 August 2010 

Last week we had some really hot & steamy days up here in Maine. I, not being a huge fan of hot & steamy weather, did not want to cook but still wanted to eat. This simple grilled steel-head trout over a Caesar salad fit the bill; along with some beer for the gentleman & some vinho verde for me. It was inspired by a salad I would get every time we would go the Sea Dog Brewing Co. & Restaurant when we lived in Bangor. This Caesar salad is absent of croutons as I did not want to turn on the oven, but in exchange I ate some ice cream for dessert!

I had Jediah pre-heat the charcoal grill to a high heat. Meanwhile I assembled in a large bowl some greens, a  small white onion thinly sliced, & halved cherry tomatoes from the local farmer's market. Then I grated parmigiano reggiano over the salad greens to taste.

Then, I cheated, & put 3 TBL of store-bought Caesar salad dressing (but if you have the time by-all means make your own dressing--it is easy enough-- I was just too hot!). I added about 1 1/2 tsp of water to thin it out & whisked. I then poured it over the salad greens & tossed.

 For the trout (1 lb or so), or if you prefer Salmon use that, I cleaned it & patted it dry & rubbed a little olive oil over both sides. Add sea salt, cracked pepper & a palm full of chili powder to taste & squeezed a half of a lemon over the fish.

Grill top side down directly on the grill for about 3-4 minutes, flip and continue to grill on high heat for a another 5-6 minutes. You want it to still have a little dark pink when you take it off the grill. Let it rest for about five minutes to continue cooking.

Divide salad greens on to plates & divide fish & place on top.

Happy eatings & cheers!
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