09 October 2013

october's remark.

9 October 2013
In the last of the day's light
a small brown bird sings
furrows his fine feathers
gathers, and labors.
The same exchange every day. 
The dim beams enter
as a welcoming,
dust floats down
settling on these papers
that are strewn about
obsessively riffled.
I am desperate for cognition. 
I trace the dark borderlines
of the map you are moving in
an abstract space that consoles
as we navigate this uncharted territory. 
Outside the panes of my window
pink, vibrancy
fire burns in the sky
dwindling like fleeting embers
over naked trees, and
silent smoke stacks. 
Inhale, deeply
the cold air inhabits my lungs
takes residence
a reminder of the season's change.
It hangs so silently on each trembling leaf
it is but a moment, until
their journey begins
I can hear it, on the wind
burning in my lungs
grasping me inward,
As the sun subsides into the earth
the days grow shorter, and
the maps become smaller
Guiding me closer to wherever you are.
- R. Grzesik, 2013

I realize that there has been more words than food on we eat. happy as of late. My life has been a bit on over drive, & am I hardly finding the time to be culinarily creative. Most evenings have been filled with dog walks; a quick salad or some eggs-over-easy & a glass of wine; a miniature TV show binge; then off to bed. But over the next few weeks, as life begins to taper toward a routine, and a new kitchen, I will be more than happy to spend some quality time here on my small nook on the world wide web. I hope you all are enjoying the beauty of the season, wherever you call home.

happy eatings & cheers!
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