29 August 2013

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29 August 2013

Autumn is, & always has been my favorite season. Perhaps, it is because I grew up in New England, surrounded by hills & mountains, landscapes that look like Monet paintings, dotted with warm vibrant colors. I recently read a blog post, in which the author mentioned that summer is a youthful favorite & autumn a season likened to being an adult. Maybe I am an old soul that enjoys the glorious decay of summer's bounty to reveal nature's bare beauty. The world changes & the air becomes clear & crisp, the smell of dead leaves & sweet apples permeate the air, & meals become warmer & more comforting.

A chilly night out on the porch, an early autumn fire, the smoke rising from a nearby chimney, sipping on a warm drink makes me instantly reach for a wool sweater & a knit scarf. This season, my wardrobe dreams are swirling around rich velvet, floral lace, soft wool, stripes always, the perfect carmine, & feminine fabrics with masculine touches. For me comfort is always key, so luckily Autumn's fabrics, layers, & colors are the perfect accompaniment to the seasons many pleasures.

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Also happy birthday to dad & Jenika: I hope each of you have a robust year ahead of you!

happy frocking & cheers!
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